Join the most sought after blockchain recruiting firm lead by Dan Gambardello and the accomplished team at CCV  



From our first conversation with you we latch onto your vision and mission, and we build from there. You simply tell us the exact talent you need, and our team will find them. We do not post on job boards and we are not resume collectors. You will receive low volume, high quality candidates.

Elevate your talent NOW!

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What is the fee structure?

Contingent search. But please submit a request form and we’ll be in touch to discuss in detail.  

How do we get started?

Once we receive your request, our team will be in touch within 24hrs.  We will discuss your company/project, grasp onto your vision, and talk about what roles you need filled.  Our team will start the laser focused search once there is a countersigned agreement and we are aligned.

How long is the process?

On average, from when we first begin communication with you, the entire recruiting process per company depends entirely on availability of the company team members and candidates.  On average over the years, we have seen the process of intro to offer take 3-4 weeks. For C-Level roles, the process can be more intensive.

What makes CCV different?

We are not your cookie cutter recruiting firm and that’s why we are highly sought after.  We are not resume collectors or job board posters.  You will not get random candidate’s applying for jobs that are not qualified.  We excel at finding top talent that matches your credentials.  Our team speaks with the candidate and continues with the vetting process.  Only when a match is found, you receive a message from our team with a high-level intro and a top candidate eager to meet!    

Team Introduction

It all starts with our team latching on to your vision for growth

Focused Search

Our team of recruiters will immediately begin the search for the talent you are in need of


We can facilitate communication and interview scheduling


From junior developers to C-level executives, we pinpoint exactly what you are looking for and only bring top talent to the table

Hands On / Hands Off

Every client of ours is different. We can be very hands on through every step of the process, or we can send you candidates and let your team take it from there.


We operate and believe in an environment of openness when it comes to numbers. Leverage for all parties comes from being 'blunt'. A lot of time is saved that way as well.


It all ends with the new addition to your team. We make the whole process very simple for you, but this is the fun part.

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