CCV Cardano

Let Your ADA Work For You...Passively

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Enterprise Infrastructure

CCV leverages enterprise infrastructure to ensure our ADA pools have reliable uptime so we can do one thing: MINT BLOCKS!

Dedicated Team

CCV has a dedicated DevOps team making sure that our Cardano pools are running flawlessly.

Rewards Like Clockwork

You are delegating your ADA with Cardano Protocol which pays its delegators rewards.

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Message From Founder

Dan Gambardello


Dan Gambardello

I want to say thank you for staking with a CCV Cardano stake pool. I'm humbled that you trust us. I want to let you know that 50% of our rewards are currently being used to support Place of Hope. They are an organization that serves the helpless, fatherless, abandoned, and families in need. You can learn more about them here.
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Rebecca Walters

UI UX Designer
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Richard Taylor

Webflow Developer
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Bertha Earley

Content writer